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immensely huge lovecraftian tentacled interdimensional hideous outer gods in the depths of deep space by greg rutkowski, unreal engine 5, 4k, dark foreboding, horror, 35mm lense, movie camera, film camera, dramatic, glowing green mist, red and purple colour pallet, cinematic, wide angle, Neon colours, Lazers and sparks, complex, cinematic, zero gravity, photography, movie stills, 80s nostalgic sci-fi, photorealistic, ultra detailed, light rays Negative prompt: (lowres), (cropped), (worst quality), ((((low quality)))), (((normal quality))), ((jpeg artifacts)), ((bad anatomy)), ((bad hands)), error, ((bad text)), ((missing text)), ((missing fingers)), ((missing anatomy)), ((missing hands)), ((bad fingers)), (extra digit), (fewer digits), ((bad detailed)), ((missing hand)), ((bad finger)), (((missing finger))), ((bad hand)), (bad legs), ((missing legs)), ((bad anatomy legs)), ((bad objects)), ((missing objects)), ((bad items)), ((missing items)), (bad environment), (missing environment), ((bad building)), ((missing building)), ((bad reflection)), ((missing reflection)), ((bad background)), ((missing background)), ((missing eyes)), ((bad eyes)),(bad geometry), ((missing geometry)),((bad line)), ((missing line)),(bad light), (missing light), (bad shadows), (missing shadows), (bad wrist), (missing wrist), ((bad metal)), ((missing metal)), ((bad wood)), ((missing wood)) Steps: 25, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 968092604, Size: 768x512, Clip skip: 2, Civitai resources: [{"type":"checkpoint","modelVersionId":124626}]

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