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(((a robot on the beach lifting his arms ))) <lora:CalibrettoBattleChasersLora:0.6> robot, mecha, full body, armor, glowing, clenched hands, science fiction, shoulder armor, detailed pupils, 4k textures, soft cinematic light, cinematic look, insane details, hyperdetailed, <lora:more_details:0.5> Steps: 20, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 3799680109, Size: 512x512, Model hash: 2ba49a9014, Model: ultraBYSTABLEYOGI_v20, VAE hash: c6a580b13a, VAE: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.ckpt, Lora hashes: "CalibrettoBattleChasersLora: effa412793ac, more_details: 3b8aa1d351ef", Version: v1.6.0-2-g4afaaf8a

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